4 Good Reasons to Blog


Although blogging has been thought to be old fashioned since being in existence for a while now, it has proven to be one of the most effective ways companies can stand out from the crowd. As the digital world evolves every minute, it is a high time companies think of ways to use blogs to capture the attention of their audiences and send messages with captivating content that they will be captivating. Below are the reasons why blogging will be a good choice to put your company out there.

1. Content Marketing

Writing a blog post and doing guest blog post for business blogs have created several jobs in most companies. Many of these companies are now looking for content marketers who are in charge of updating blog post now and then. Investing in content marketing has been done in a big way. 60% of most companies in 2016 have been said to have strategies for marketing and content writing through hiring a content officer to do this for the organization. In return, increases the level of traffic on the blog.

2. Sales relationships

In this day and age, before a customer or client meets with you, the first stop is your website or blog. Customers are looking for information now and then on a product of preference. Several types of research carried out have shown that blogging will be so educative and informative that their first stop would be the online information about a company. For this reason in the later years, they would have relationships built without the help of a customer assistant.

3. Blogging as cheaper marketing option

Cold calling, direct emails and advertisements are few ways of marketing that are said to be expensive for most companies. Blogging, on the other hand, focuses on individual needs of the consumers. Inconsive.com had carried out research, and its findings were that inbound sales were much cheaper than the outbound sales. Cost cutting in most companies is crucial to production and sales. Therefore, using a blog to advertise would reduce costs and increase the sales.

4. Visual information included.

Who does not want to see what they are buying? Who would prefer fewer words and more visual content? Most people would say yes to more visual content. In content marketing including visual information has been proved to have the greatest impact in marketing and capturing the consumers’ attention. Do not stick to words only in blogging. You can include charts, graphs, and videos to make your advertising fun and captivating. That way, many will find their way to your blog thus increasing traffic also to your website.

It is still a learning process for many companies trying to use blogging as a way to market themselves. It is also true to say that blogging is evolving from the massive written contents in blogs to more visual content. Some companies are still using old methods like cold calling to capture customers’ attention. But at the end of the day blogging would be the smartest marketing decision to make.

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