Ads Management Mobile Apps Review

Today we’re talking apps for managing ads campaigns in Google, Bing and Facebook.

Google Ads App

The Google Ads management app is pretty nifty for viewing accounts and making quick changes on the go such as pausing or enabling a campaign, changing a budget or even as detailed as making a bid adjustments at the keyword level.

But besides for allowing you to do work while on the porcelain throne (I’m not judging), you can also enable the app to send push notifications for any necessary alerts, such as billing issues, disapproved ads, or policy violations. If there’s any issue in your account (or an account you manage) you’ll get an immediate notification direct to your phone.

Bing Ads App

The Bing Ads app is also pretty solid. It can do everything you can do in the Google Ads app including account alerts, pausing or enabling campaigns, ad groups, or keywords and adjusting bids or budgets. In fact, it’s probably easier and more pleasant to use than the normal Bing dashboard.

Facebook Ads App

Not to be outdone, Facebook Ads has an app as well, where you can edit campaigns, ad sets, ads, budgets audiences etc. Given how mobile heavy the platform is, it would make sense to be able to adjust your campaigns via a mobile device, yet all these features are fairly new on the app. In fact, Google, Bing, & Facebook are constantly updating and improving their mobile apps to include additional features and usability.

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Now go get yourself some apps!

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