Advanced Anchor Text Spinning

If you are spinning text using SEO tools like The Best Spinner and SEnuke then you will want to spin your anchors texts accordingly. Below is a format that will achieve correct spun text weighting for your articles and forum profile posts.
The idea is basically using the service that support spinner syntax to spin your anchor text with your different variations. This is basically what’s called “weighted spinning”.

This is one of the best SEO tips for spun article or profile submission. The idea means breaking the number 10 down into those 50%, 25%, 15% and 10% for first, second, third keywords. So obviously 50% would be 5, 25% would be 2.5 (round up to 3),  15% would be 1.5 (round up to 2) and 10% would be 1.

So the correctly weighted anchor text in spinner syntax format would something like this:

{anchor text 1|anchor text 1|anchor text 1|anchor text 1|anchor text 1|anchor text 2|anchor text 2|anchor text 2|anchor text 3|anchor text 3|miscellaneous anchor text}

What this does is effectively automate varying your anchor text across all your submissions, in nearly the exact proportion that we want for optimal anchor text variation.

By using this method each time the article is submitted and published, it randomly chooses the anchor text. And since we have our spun anchor text weighted, obviously anchor text 1 is more likely to be chosen than anchor text 3, and anchor text 2 more than your single miscellaneous keyword.

The only problem with this tip is that not all resources support spinning and with the article submitters (with the exception of SEnuke) you won’t be able to spin your content. So you might have to do a bit of manual tracking if you want to get this just right!

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