Advanced Keyword Research Tools

There a number of advanced keyword techniques one can use to expand their keyword terms. Some good techniques include the following:

Google keyword planner

This is the only tool from Google following the demise of the external keyword tool. The process includes:

  • Put a bunch of keywords in the keyword planner tool and:
  • Limit to 100 searches or more
  • Add negative keywords or keywords to ignore
  • Add positive keywords to include


Scrape your site for top landing pages

Scrape your blog or website and take the top landing page visits.

Put the top landing pages into keyword planner tool and gather their keywords that are most relevant based on searched.

Add negative keywords to exclude

Add positive keywords to include e.g. if you were looking for content for a blog post you might want to include words like:

  • who
  • what
  • where
  • to
  • vs



Take generic keyword and put it in Ubersuggest. Grab a list of the most relevant keywords searches and:

  • Put in keyword planner tool
  • Only show results above 100 searches per month
  • Add negative keywords or keywords to exclude



Put a bunch of keywords into scrapebox keyword tool and choose search level up to 4. This will bring up searched keywords then put them back into scrapebox for searching on a further level.

Download the keywords from scrapebox and put them into the keyword planner tool.

Below video discusses some more advanced methods.


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