SEO for Coach Training

We did SEO for a coach training company by adding content, regular blog posting, guest post backlinks, improving urls etc. Google Analytics SEO Results Below are the SEO results from Google Analytics: New users increased by 104% Sessions (user interactions) increased by 79% Conversions increased by 63%

SEO for Taxi Firm

We did Web Design and SEO for Taxi Company and results are as follows: Outranking all local competitors Number 1-3 for website main Keywords Number 1-3 in Google maps for main local keywords Ranking for “Taxi” in Maps & Website Outranking Competition 1,900 Users Visiting Website

Content Marketing Campaign sample

We did a content marketing campaign for a SAAS company during the Coronavirus pandemic to tray and answer some of the questions of their tradespeople audience. Below image shows there were many people who came to the site after doing a Google search whether they can go back to work. Coronavirus content marketing sample