SAAS Facebook Marketing

We worked with a business who offering is Software as a service (SAAS) for tradespeople. As part of the brief we launched several Facebook marketing campaigns as follows:

  • Campaigns targeting their main audiences such as plumbers and electricians.
  • Facebook remarketing campaign campaign targeting people who have visited the website through SEO and Google ads.
  • Facebook Lookalike campaign targeting audiences similar to those who have been to the website.

Below were typical monthly results:

  • Electricians campaign got 1,155 clicks at £0.18 CPC resulting in 59 Free Trial leads at £3.18 CPL
  • Plumbers campaign got 834 clicks at £0.22 CPC with about 195 Free Trial leads at  £0.96 CPL.
  • Remarketing campaigns got 66 clicks at £0.93 CPC with 9 Free Trial leads at £6.37 CPL.
  • Lookalikes campaign got 127 clicks at £0.77 CPC with 31 Free Trial leads at £3.14 CPL and 1 demo bookings.
  • Page Likes campaign got 38 new likes at £0.82 each.
SAAS Facebook Marketing