Backlink SWOT Analysis Case Study

A recent review of car finance websites resulted in the following backlinks SWOT analysis.

Domain profiles

site explorers compare metrics

A look at open site explorers compare metrics shows Money Supermarket has a strong page authority due to strength of its domain and number of internal links to the car finance page. However, Car loan 4U has more High MozRank and MozTrust, 8,754 external followed links from 868 root domains and 595 C block.

Search Engine Keyword VisibilityKeywords Visibility

We took the top keywords relating to car finance, car loans and car credit and ran a rankings report for Google and Bing. Car loan 4u and money supermarket are tied in first page rankings with 61 keywords each in Google. However Car Loan 4u totally tanks in Bing with no ranking for main keywords.

Backlinks History

Backlinks History comparisons

Backlink history shows carloan4u has had higher velocity of backlinks than its main competitors but has a slowdown in last quarter of 2008 with the same domain diversity. This is probably as result of less site wide links in navigation and footers. Creditplus has less velocity of backlinks history but a greater diversification of where the links are coming from which has always been aspects of a good links profile.



 Anchor Text Diversity

Anchor Text Diversity

Domain Anchor text distribution shows a good distribution of main industry keywords and some brand name links for most sites. This is important due to the recent Penguin update targeting over optimised backlinks so there needs to be linking with brand terms so as to get at least 75-80% share. However, the high proportion of money keywords in Car Loans 4U to brand terms appears unnatural.





Spam Links

There is evidence of black hat & paid links activity in some profiles . These spam links could lead to possible penalty by search engines following algorithm changes link Penguin and manual review exercises. The solution is a take-down request or disassociate your site through Bing and Google’s disavow tool.



Traffic Opportunity

Traffic Opportunity forecast

The keyword “Car finance” is the dominating search term in the industry and a forecast shows it will continue to be a dominant keyword in 2013.



Search Engine Visibility Opportunity

•Increase ranking for a keyword like “car finance” from position 3 to first position will increase traffic by more than 150% in Google search alone according to a study conducted by slingshot.
•Increase visibility in Bing as another source of traffic and insure for change in search behaviour.
•Increase visibility for long tail research based keywords via link bait blogging.





Link Building Opportunities

Pursue white hat link building through:

•Blogger outreach & guest posting.
•News editorial links from major newspapers and news channels.
•Regular press releases via PRNewswire, PRweb etc.
•Link bait via blog posts, infographics, video etc.
•High quality curated directories.


Threats to a link acquisition campaign can come from:
•Using black hat, paid links from low quality sites.
•Future Google algorithm updates: You can mitigate this by sticking to strictly “white hat” link building techniques.
•Lack of visibility in smaller search engines: Change in search behaviour in favour of other search engines could lead to a loss in traffic. Mitigate this by ensuring rankings in all traffic sources.

SWOT Summary

Below is the self explanatory summary of above SWOT analysis:

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