Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch out for

As more people are getting access to the internet, businesses are taking up digital marketing as a way of getting an edge in a hyper-competitive market. Digital marketing platforms such as social media platforms, search engines, email marketing, and video marketing are growing in popularity among marketers. To stay ahead though, marketers ought to keep up with trends and here are ten trends digital marketers should be on the lookout for.

1. Live video.
This is one of the most reliable ways to market today. Today’s generation prefers live videos in platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube among others. With live video, businesses get a chance to showcase their work to a live audience and respond to any questions viewers may have. Most internet users prefer live videos as it builds a connection between the seller and the potential customers. Besides, all you need for a live video is a steady camera, good lighting and you are set.

2. Geofencing.
One of the things that underline a successful marketing campaign is the ability of the campaign to successfully target customers. Geofencing helps businesses target people in a given are near the business. Their proximity to the business premises makes them likely to drop by if they get the right advertisements. Geofencing makes use of techs like Bluetooth, GPS, and RFID to target customers. Moreover, it provides metrics like how often customers visit a business among others. These metrics are vital to setting up tailored campaigns likely to yield better results.

3. Augmented reality.
Buyers today have to take several things into consideration before making the decision to buy a product. Some of the things they have to consider include how the product integrates with what they already own. This is where augmented reality comes in. It helps buyers have a visualization of how the products such as decor and furniture fit their interior. The trend is already being adopted by fortune 500 companies hence it is a trend your e-commerce business should strongly consider.

4. Polls on Instagram.
Anyone who regularly uses Instagram can attest to how polls are rapidly gaining popularity. Companies have recognized their potential hence are turning to it to get essential feedback for their products and services and even get insights oh how to improve their brand. These polls normally disappear after 24 hours and can be a huge asset to the company especially through the insights provided by engagements by possible users.

5. IGTV.
In an effort to leverage on lengthy videos, Instagram has recently unveiled a TV section. This allows users more than the standard period afforded to stories. The section allows businesses to post videos lasting about ten minutes for most of them while the verified businesses get up to 60 minutes air time. While the technology is similar to other video sharing platforms like YouTube, it has a few differences like it they advise users to come up with vertical video content instead of the horizontal format seen on YouTube.

6. Pay-later financing options.
As e-commerce continues to grow in popularity, businesses are turning to this trend to allow customers to easily get access to credit services. They are allowing customers to make purchases then pay for them later. This trend is being adopted by companies like PayPal and their conversion is improving significantly as their trade volume increases due to more clients getting access to credit.

7. Bot-assisted customer service.
In the past businesses often struggled to allocate their scarce human resources to serving their vast clientele. This often presented challenges such as customer dissatisfaction which might lead to the business losing their customers. However, bot-assisted customer service helps businesses serve customers better as they can answer any questions customers may raise and even complete sales among others. This has allowed businesses to reallocate their employees to other sectors while properly serving customers. Advanced technology has meant that customers can hardly tell the difference which helps boost confidence in the brand.

8. Voice Marketing.
The growth realized by voice search in recent years has attracted businesses to its enormous potential. The voice search industry will be worth an estimated $40 billion in 2022. This valuation has made businesses rush and try to find a niche in the promising market. Therefore, businesses should recognize and establish themselves in voice marketing. Voice marketing offers businesses an opportunity to connect with their customers like never before.

9. Artificial intelligence.
Most businesses today are approaching all their activities with the idea that the customer is the king in their background. With this in mind, AI analyzes the consumer behavior and comes up with deductions and conclusions fast and reliably. These are vital to adequately understanding the consumer behavior hence coming products and services that satisfy the needs of customers.

10. Evergreen content.
Content has always been the most important things when it comes to digital marketing. However, we have been seeing a shift to content that is made with years in mind and not just the present needs. Businesses are filling their sites with great content that can be valuable to visitors not just at the present time but also for the foreseeable future. This content is good as it will only need minor modifications in future and not rewriting the entire content.

Businesses need to keep up with trends in order to stay ahead in a highly competitive market. According to The Young Entrepreneur Council, an invite-only association of entrepreneurs aged 40 or under who contribute to Forbes, these ten trends are definitely worth watching out for.

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