Angela’s Backlinks

I have been using Angela’s Back Links since discovering her in Warrior forum in February.

Her service gives you 30 new high PR (pr6-9) websites comprising mostly of forums every month (no blogs). The list comes complete with instructions on how to register a profile and add your backlinks. This is very useful as getting to register and edit profile can be a time consuming mine field.

Angela’s Backlinks is only $5 a month and works well for building extra traffic to your links. You receive a pdf with 30 urls in your email at the beginning of the month and it is recommended you build backlinks gradually- e.g. use one url a day or two every other day.

The links consist mainly of websites instead of blogs because many blog owners tend to remove links.

My first experience was not good mainly because I decided to promote a brand new site.

However, in March I decided to promote an old site in a highly competitive market with 670k monthly searches and 13.2M competing pages on Google. The result was good moving from position 65 to 35 in two weeks.

If you are a member of the warrior forum (free membership) then the first month with Angela’s Back Links is free as part of the warrior special offers (wso).

It is highly recommended to use roboform in conjunction with Angela’s backlinks as it automates the process of filling in profile pages.

You should also set up a separate (disposable) email folder as you may start getting annoying communication from forum owners.

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