Guest Blogging for Links- Google’s View

Guest blogging for links has become a common practice amongst link builders lately due to doors shutting on other traditional forms of link building. However many have wondered whether Google would view such practice as an illicit form of link acquisition so it was interesting to get an word from Matt Cutts on the subject.

Google’s position appears to be that If you are a high quality blogger and want to write posts on others community space to bring knowledge and insight, then that should be welcome as a positive contribution. This both informs and brings insight to a community from a blogger that is possibly less well known.

What Google don’t want is people offering the same post multiple times or spinning the same content and offering it elsewhere. They also discourage the practice of posting low quality content such as those outsourced to freelance writers who are clearly not experts in the field.

Writing short guest posts is another sign of low quality contribution. This happens when the guest blogger aims to write the bare minimum of 300 words just to get the post published on another site just for links.

It is good that Google has cleared the air on this now common way of link building. However, it should not be viewed as cart blanch the only officially acceptable way of acquiring links. Sure guest posts contribute to the growth of content online as quality blogs invite writer to fill space and inform their readers. It should be used as part of an overall link building strategy.

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