SEO Strategy

In SEO strategy it is always useful to have look at on-page optimization for immediate impact.

On-Page optimization consists of following SEO guidelines for the these key elements:

1) Optimizing page titles, meta description tags, met keyword tags and page content.
2) Internal linking to pass on link juice to new or poorly ranked web pages.
3) Optimizing site structure for SEO.

Before beginning optimization it is good to agree on SEO objectives and  how they can be achieved and measured. An example of each is in the table below:

Increase number of organic traffic. Increasing rankings of main & new keywords. Increase in number of keywords used to find site and gain more traffic.
Reduce reliance on PPC for driving traffic. Improve organic ranking of main keywords driving PPC traffic. Proportionate increase in SEO traffic compared to PPC in Analytics
Reduce reliance on affiliates New landing pages or blogs based on top affiliates niches. Increase in traffic to new landing pages or via blogs. Increase in sources of traffic from our own blogs and social media.

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