Why Some SEO Recommendations Are Never Implemented

With all the best intentions and will in the world clients come to SEO’s for assistance in improving their website goals. As an SEO we draw up wonderful documents with website audit and SEO strategy that we are proud to present to the client…. then nothing happens. What are reasons for clients failing to implement the very thing they sought from the consultant? Apparently main reasons include:

Lack of support from top management

Yeah we are dealing with middle management who has the desire and all the will in the world but guys at the top are not sold into the idea or the priorities are elsewhere.


Depending on the size of the organisation, the internal red tape can be the main bottle neck

Staff Changes

It can be quite disruptive when a crucial clog in the proposed strategy suddenly moves either internally or out of the company and the SEO consultant has to sell the idea again to their replacement.

Overwhelming proposal

Weighty documents might look good as justification for a substantial spend but can be counterproductive if no one gets the time to read them thoroughly.

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