Third Party Vs Custom Theme

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for creating web design for businesses and organizations. WordPress offers diverse themes and plugins for its users regardless of the type of website you wish to build. Whether you need to build a food-oriented website, an online store, or a portfolio website among others, WordPress is just right for you as you will find the right theme for your desired website.

However, you have to decide on what kind of website you want to have so that you can establish a brand identity that stands out from your competitors. In doing this, you have to decide between going for a third-party theme or going for a custom theme. A third-party theme is also referred to as pre-built theme or premium theme.  However, some people still prefer to integrate both just to add an exclusive outlook to their website. Now we will take a look at these two different themes to know which will be best for you and how to make the most of whichever one you decide to go for.

WordPress Third Party Themes

A third-party theme is one that is not developed by other developers and which can be found online. Third Party themes are generally available on third party sites and on the official WordPress websites. The major advantages that come with using a third-party theme is that it offers future-proofing and they are affordable. Although, some themes can be more expensive than the others, you can still get these themes with less than $100. All you need to do is to browse through the available themes, make your choice and checkout the price to see if it is within your budget. There are a wide variety of themes to choose from and you will always find themes that suit your website regardless of what purpose your website is meant to serve.

One of the major advantages of using third-party themes is that it offers the option of future-proofing. If you go for those third-party themes that are designed in keeping up with the industry standards, they are usually made in such a way that you can get regular updates, and round-the-clock support.

Advantages of Third-Party Themes

The advantages of third-party themes are that it can be easily managed, it is not expensive, it is fast to launch, it is easy to find a suitable aesthetic, and it offers plugin functionality.

Disadvantages of Third-Party themes

The disadvantages associated with using third-party themes depend on where you purchase it from. Hence, to limit these downsizes, you must find out to know if the developer is a reputable one, find out if they follow coding standards, also you need to know if they offer 24/7 support. If you find a developer that is renowned, offers 24/7 support and follow coding standards, then you can get the best from them.

Custom WordPress Theme

A Custom WordPress theme is a unique design developed to represent your business or brand online. It is a theme that is built from the scratch or a theme whose code was modified from an existing template. You can engage the services of professional developers who can help with sketch to WordPress conversion services. What you need to do is to send them the design as sketch files, and the developers will code them into attractive custom WordPress themes.

The website design in sketches can be easily converted to High Performance, pixel perfect, and bug-free WordPress website code by the developers. However, be sure to engage the services of reputable developers who can get the job done so that you can have exactly what you want.

With a custom WordPress theme, you will be the sole person managing your website and you can be absolute control. It offers a unique and functional website that is different from other websites you will find around. You can easily delete or add any functionality as you wish. Whether you need to delete or add an image slider is all dependent on you, or whether you don’t want a navigation menu in the header, you can get rid of it. Any changes or modification you make on a custom WordPress is all based on your preference.

Advantages of Custom Themes

  • Speed: A custom WordPress design has higher speed, and performance because it incorporates only features that are needed for the website to operate at optimum level. Hence, the number of plugins needed for the website to run reduces drastically.
  • Full Customization: Using custom modules and the opportunity to edit the code of the website allows the developer to fully unlock the potential of WordPress. The backend can be customized to work perfectly with existing resources and business systems such as CRMs, customer service departments, call centers, Points of Sale, and social media management among others.

Other advantages of custom themes are that it allows SEO and digital marketing, it can be maintained by experts, and it will allow the site to have a unique design that is good for branding.

Disadvantages of Custom WordPress Themes

The major downside of a custom WordPress theme design is that it is expensive, it can cost hundreds of dollars especially if you are outsourcing the job to a WordPress development company.

Also, you will need to carry out regular updates on the website, these updates will help to fix any problems or bugs that you may notice on the website. Hence, if you are hiring a WordPress developer, you need to do your due diligence to hire the best and reliable one.

To choose the right WordPress theme, you need to decide on what you want to achieve and the can of website you want to have. Look at what these two different themes offers and you can know which will be most appropriate for you.

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