17 Visual Composer WooCommerce Elements Walkthrough

Discover 17 Step-by-Step Visual Composer WooCommerce Elements for Web Development

Welcome, reader! If you’re on the hunt for user-friendly and dynamic design elements specifically for WooCommerce websites, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through 17 step-by-step Visual Composer WooCommerce elements that will elevate your website’s functionality and aesthetics. Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or just starting out, you’ll find these elements easy to integrate and customize to your liking. So sit tight, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive in!


Are you looking for an advanced and easy-to-use website builder with WooCommerce integration? Then you should definitely check out Visual Composer Website Builder, a new and innovative tool that provides web developers with plenty of intuitive options. Here, we’ll introduce you to the Visual Composer WooCommerce elements, which can help you develop sites quickly and effectively.

What is Visual Composer Website Builder?

Visual Composer Website Builder offers an advanced interface that incorporates an intuitive drag-and-drop page building capability. It boasts a massive library of customizable website elements like headers, footers, page sections, and easy-to-use WordPress content blocks that take the eCommerce experience to the next level.

Visual Composer Website Builder is new and advanced, similar to Elementor, Divi and Beaver Builder which offers a unique website building experience that empowers developers to build tailor-made WordPress sites. Visual Composer has 17 WooCommerce specific elements that can be used for adding products to existing pages or creating dedicated pages.

Advantages of using Visual Composer Website Builder

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Massive library of customizable website elements
  • 17 WooCommerce specific elements available
  • Compatible with several plugins including WooCommerce
  • Easy to learn and use for beginners.

17 Step-by-Step Visual Composer WooCommerce Elements for Web Development

  1. Product Category
    The product category element allows you to display all WooCommerce product categories without any coding efforts. It offers full control over the display of your product categories on your website.

  2. Product Grid
    If you want to show your products on a grid, you can utilize this element to present your products with different display options, including ratings, prices, product name, and more.

  3. Product Page
    The product page element helps web developers to select which WooCommerce product to display on each page. You can show the product’s price, rating, description, and other necessary details in a neat layout.

  4. Product Best-Sellers
    This element allows you to show top-selling products to your website customers. It helps in increasing your sales and site performance.

  5. Product Add-to-Cart Button
    If you want to add the one-click purchase option for your customers, you should use the Product Add-to-Cart Button element. It allows WooCommerce customers to easily add products to the cart from any page.

  6. Product Price
    This element shows the product’s standard price or sale price. You can use this Visual Composer WooCommerce element to add pricing details without any coding.

  7. Product Rating
    The product rating element offers you a simple way to display your product’s rating from customers. This can encourage customers to purchase from your website.

  8. Product Featured Image
    If you want to showcase your products’ images, you can utilize the product featured image element. This particular element comes with customizable options like image size, opacity, and more.

  9. Product Gallery
    The product gallery element allows you to display multiple images of the same product. You can use this element to attract more customers to your product sales page.

  10. Product Description
    This element lets you display the product’s description with different layout options. You can add details like ingredients, features, and more to catch customers’ attention.

  11. Product Meta
    The product meta element allows you to display meta information like SKU, Categories, Tag, and others related to the product page which offers a better user experience.

  12. Product Title
    If you want to display the product’s title, you can use the product title element that comes with customizable options.

  13. Product Data Tabs
    If you want to showcase your products’ extended information like attributes, variations, and more in an easily accessible tabbed format, this element is a good choice.

  14. Product Attribute
    This element allows you to add product attributes like color, size, shape, and more. This gives customers more options and flexibility when browsing your products.

  15. Product Variation
    The product variation element enables you to showcase various product variations and customization options. This helps in increasing your WooCommerce sales.

  16. Product Related
    The Product Related element allows you to show other related WooCommerce products, which in turn increases product views and helps your website visitors find what they are looking for quickly.

  17. Product Upsell
    This element shows up-sell WooCommerce products on your website. You can utilize this element to promote related products to your customers at checkout.


In summary, Visual Composer Website Builder offers developers a wide range of pre-built elements that can extend the functionality of WooCommerce-powered WordPress websites. The 17 WooCommerce-specific elements that come out of the box with Visual Composer offer many customizations and personalized options to service the unique demands of your website.

Unique FAQs

  1. What is Visual Composer Website Builder?
    Visual Composer Website Builder is a new and innovative website builder tool for web developers. It offers drag-and-drop page building with a vast library of customizable website elements, including WooCommerce product elements.

  2. How many WooCommerce elements does Visual Composer offer?
    Visual Composer Website Builder offers 17 WooCommerce-specific elements to empower web developers to build eCommerce websites.

  3. Does Visual Composer offer other compatibility plugins?
    Yes, Visual Composer Website Builder is compatible with several plugins, including WooCommerce and more.

  4. Can you share your WordPress success stories with Visual Composer?
    Yes, you are free to share your WordPress and Visual Composer success stories by using the hashtag #WPLLCommunity on social media platforms.

  5. What’s available to learn with the WP Learning Lab channel?
    The WP Learning Lab Channel features videos and tutorials on WordPress and online marketing for developers to expand their skill-set and increase website development capacity.

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