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Discover Elite Licenser: The WordPress Plugin License Key System and Software License Manager Plugin

Discovering Elite Licenser: The Ultimate Solution for Managing WordPress Plugin Licenses As the demand for secure software purchases and downloads grows, the need for better license key management becomes increasingly important. The Elite Licenser software license manager provides the ideal solution for WordPress plugin users. With its easy-to-use approach, this plugin makes it possible to create and manage license keys and activate or deactivate them with a single click. Discover how Elite Licenser can help you take your WordPress plugins to the next level and improve your software license management efficiency.


WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available today, and there are countless plugins and themes available to customize and extend its functionality. However, if you are a plugin or theme developer, you may be concerned with how to protect your creations from unauthorized use. This is where Elite Licenser comes into play, a WordPress plugin license key system and software license manager plugin that lets you create and sell WordPress plugins and themes with ease. In this article, we will review the tutorial video created by WordPress Tutorials – WPLearningLab, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Elite Licenser.

What is Elite Licenser?

Elite Licenser is a WordPress plugin that allows developers to create and sell plugins and themes with ease. The plugin comes packed with features that help protect your creations from unauthorized use, including license keys, license activation, and the ability to control which features are available to customers based on their license key. With Elite Licenser, you can automate the process of managing licenses, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating great plugins and themes.

Getting Started with Elite Licenser

In the tutorial video created by WPLearningLab, the host takes the viewer through a step-by-step guide on how to use Elite Licenser. The video starts by explaining what Elite Licenser is and how it can benefit developers looking to sell WordPress plugins and themes. From there, the host walks through the installation and activation of the plugin and then proceeds to set up the license key and activation settings, which are the core features of Elite Licenser.

One of the key benefits of Elite Licenser is that it automates everything once it is set up. This includes the ability to connect the plugin to a payment gateway, create new license codes for each client automatically, and send product updates to all customers’ WordPress sites. There are also options to manually add clients and grant licenses to them, as well as the ability to authenticate and install plugins like a customer would. Furthermore, deactivating any customer’s license is easy, and managing and automating license authentication checks is streamlined with Elite Licenser.

Advanced Features of Elite Licenser

In addition to the core features mentioned above, Elite Licenser has several advanced features that give developers even more control over their plugin and theme sales. For example, developers can create an API with Elite Licenser, allowing them to integrate with other services or third-party applications. There is also an option to connect Elite Licenser to an Envato account, which allows developers to generate Envato licenses for their plugins or themes. Finally, there is a WooCommerce add-on for Elite Licenser, allowing developers to sell their products directly through their WooCommerce store.

Other Resources

The WPLearningLab video on Elite Licenser also provides some additional resources for developers looking to get the most out of the plugin. For example, there is a private Facebook group available for developers to get support and share tips and tricks. Additionally, the host recommends using SiteGround as a hosting site for WordPress and suggests using Elementor Pro as a page builder for your WordPress site.


In conclusion, if you are a WordPress plugin or theme developer looking to sell your creations, Elite Licenser is a powerful tool that can make the process much easier. The plugin has a user-friendly interface and is packed with features that automate many aspects of the licensing process. The tutorial video created by WPLearningLab provides an excellent overview of how to use Elite Licenser, making it easy for even novice developers to get started. With the advanced features available, developers have even more control over their plugin and theme sales. Overall, Elite Licenser is a must-have tool for any WordPress developer looking to sell their creations.


  1. Is Elite Licenser a one-time purchase or a subscription-based service?
    A: Elite Licenser is a one-time purchase with no recurring fees.

  2. How many licenses can be created with Elite Licenser?
    A: Elite Licenser has no limit on the number of licenses that can be created.

  3. Can customers use the plugin or theme on multiple sites with the same license key?
    A: No, customers can only use what they have paid for through the Elite Licenser plugin.

  4. How do developers connect Elite Licenser to a payment gateway?
    A: Elite Licenser supports several payment gateways, and developers can refer to the documentation for the specific gateway they want to use.

  5. How can developers get support for Elite Licenser?
    A: There is a private Facebook group available for developers to get support and share tips and tricks. Additionally, questions or comments can be made through Twitter at @WPLearningLab.

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