Elementor Pro Part 8 - Elementor Price Table Widget

Discover How to Create Price Tables on Your WordPress Site With Elementor Pro – Part 8

Welcome to Part 8 of our blog series on using Elementor Pro to enhance your WordPress site with beautiful and functional price tables. In this installment, we will explore the ins and outs of creating price tables that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for SEO. With the help of Elementor Pro’s advanced features and our expert guidance, you’ll be able to customize your price tables to suit your brand’s unique style and convert more visitors into paying customers. So let’s dive in and discover how to create stunning price tables on your WordPress site with ease!


Welcome to WP Learning Lab! As an avid WordPress user, I’m always on the lookout for helpful tutorials and tips to improve my website. Recently, I stumbled upon a comprehensive video series on WordPress tutorials created by WP Learning Lab. In this article, we’ll be reviewing Part 8 of the series, which covers how to create price tables on your WordPress site using Elementor Pro.

What is WP Learning Lab and Elementor Pro?

Before we dive into the review, let me give you an overview of WP Learning Lab and Elementor Pro.

WP Learning Lab is a free online resource for WordPress tutorials and courses, created by David Frosdick. With over 56,000 subscribers on YouTube, WP Learning Lab provides users with valuable information and resources to improve their WordPress skills and knowledge.

Elementor Pro is a powerful page builder plugin for WordPress, used by millions of users worldwide. It offers a wide range of design options, widgets, and features to help you create stunning websites quickly and easily.

Creating Price Tables with Elementor Pro – What to Expect

Part 8 of WP Learning Lab’s WordPress tutorial series covers how to create price tables on your website using Elementor Pro. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from the video:

  1. Introduction to Elementor Pro’s Price Table Widget

The video begins with an introduction to Elementor Pro’s Price Table widget, its features, and how it can benefit your website.

  1. Setting Up the Price Table Widget

David then walks us through how to set up the Price Table widget on our website step by step. He explains the options available, such as selecting a layout, adding headings, and changing font sizes.

  1. Customizing the Design of the Price Table

In this section, David demonstrates how to customize the design of our price table by adjusting color schemes, font styles, and adding images.

  1. Adding Pricing Information

Next, David shows us how to add pricing information to the table, such as pricing plans, features, and benefits. He also demonstrates how to link the table to a payment gateway.

  1. Preview and Publish

Finally, David concludes the video by showing us how to preview and publish our price table onto our website.

Pros and Cons of the WP Learning Lab’s Video Tutorial


  1. Informative and Easy to Understand

David’s tutorial is informative and easy to understand, even for beginners. He takes time to explain each step in detail, making the video accessible to all WP users.

  1. Practical Tips and Techniques

The video provides practical tips and techniques for creating an effective price table on your website. These tips can help increase your revenue by optimizing your pricing strategy.

  1. Optimized for SEO

As an SEO writer, I appreciate the fact that the video is optimized for search engines. The title and meta-description are both keyword-rich, making it easy for users to find the video when searching for WordPress tutorials.


  1. Video Length

At 25 minutes, the video may be too long for some users. However, David does an excellent job of keeping the video engaging and informative throughout its length.

  1. Limited Scope

The video covers only a small portion of what Elementor Pro has to offer. It would be helpful if the video touched on other features of the plugin as well.


Overall, I highly recommend WP Learning Lab’s WordPress tutorial series, particularly Part 8, which covers how to create price tables using Elementor Pro. David’s tutorial is informative, easy to understand, and provides practical tips and techniques for optimizing your pricing strategy. WP Learning Lab’s mission to help users improve their WordPress skills and knowledge is commendable, and I look forward to exploring more of their videos in the future.


  1. Do I need to have prior WordPress experience to follow this tutorial?

No, the tutorial is beginner-friendly and easy to follow, even if you’re new to WordPress.

  1. Is Elementor Pro a free plugin?

No, Elementor Pro is a paid plugin that comes with additional features and widgets not available in the free version.

  1. Can I use Elementor Pro with any WordPress theme?

Yes, Elementor Pro is compatible with most WordPress themes.

  1. Does WP Learning Lab offer other video tutorials besides those on WordPress?

Yes, WP Learning Lab offers a wide range of tutorials and videos on WordPress and related topics.

  1. Where can I find WP Learning Lab’s private Facebook group?

You can find WP Learning Lab’s private Facebook group by visiting their website and clicking on the “Join the Community” button at the top of the page.

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