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Discovering the theme of any website has never been easier than with With this website, users can easily identify the theme, plugins, and other important information about any website they visit. Whether it’s for personal or business use, this tool is a must-have for anyone interested in web design or simply curious about the different themes used by popular websites. Its user-friendly interface and accurate results make it a go-to resource for web developers, designers, and enthusiasts alike. Discover the power of today and take your website analysis to the next level.


In today’s digital age, the World Wide Web has become a vast realm of information. A majority of websites are powered by content management systems like WordPress, which makes it easier for website owners to choose themes and create the website as per their requirements. However, as a user, have you ever come across a beautiful website with cool features and wanted to know what theme it is using? It is not always easy to find out what theme a website is using. In this article, we will discuss how WP Learning Lab’s tutorial on using can help you discover the theme of any website with ease.

The Video Tutorial

WP Learning Lab is a reliable source of WordPress tutorials and information. Their video tutorial on “How To Find Out What Theme A WordPress Website Is Using” is an excellent resource for those who need a step-by-step guide on discovering the theme used by a website. The tutorial is a detailed guide that demonstrates screenshots and examples to make the process easier.

Two Methods

There are two ways to find out what theme is being used on a WordPress site – automatic and manual. The automatic method involves using a website like “What Theme Is That” to detect the theme used by a website. This method is simple and efficient. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website, and the website will do the rest. It’s worth noting that the automatic method can only detect the active theme of the site.

If the automatic way fails, the manual method is to look through the source code of the site. To do this, you need to open any web browser and right-click on the page. Select “view page source,” and it will show you a page with all the source codes used to build the website, including the name of the active theme.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are an essential part of any WordPress site. They add additional functionalities, making the website more user-friendly and enhance the user experience. The automatic method can also be used to find WordPress plugins running on any given site. By entering the URL of the website on “What Plugin Is That,” the website will be able to list all active WordPress plugins used on the website. It is an excellent tool for learning how a website adds certain functions or features.

WP Learning Lab Learning Portal

WP Learning Lab is a reliable source of WordPress tutorials and information. They have a website where you can find more WordPress tutorials and a free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist available for download. Additionally, they have a 10-Point WP Security Checklist available for download. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can leave a comment below the video or send a tweet to @WPLearningLab on Twitter. They have a YouTube channel and a Facebook page where you can find more information.


In conclusion, WP Learning Lab’s tutorial on using is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to discover the theme of a WordPress website with ease. With the tutorial’s step-by-step guide and screenshots, you can learn how to use to locate the theme used on any WordPress site. The automatic and manual methods make the process easy and efficient while the What Plugin Is That website helps identify plugins used on a website. WP Learning Lab is a reliable site for WordPress tutorials and information.


  1. Is free?
    Yes, it is a free tool to use and find the active theme of any website.

  2. Can detect parent and child themes?
    Yes, can detect parent themes and child themes used on a website.

  3. What if fails to detect the theme used?
    If fails to detect the theme, then you can try the manual method to look through the source code.

  4. Can detect WordPress plugins?
    No, is only designed to detect the active theme of a WordPress website. However, the website “What Plugin Is That” can detect WordPress plugins.

  5. Are WP Learning Lab’s tutorials suitable for beginners?
    Yes, WP Learning Lab’s tutorials are comprehensive and easy to follow, making them suitable for beginners.

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