Download SEO factors via SEO tools for excel

This week had had the need to use seo tools for excel and gained a new appreciation for the free resource.

Basically I want to download a sites page titles, H1 headers into excel in order to perform further analysis. First I needed to download a URL list of all the pages of the site. To achieve this I used scrapebox which has a wonderful feature that scrapes all major search engines. In scrapebox this is what I did:

1)      Use the command site:yourwebsite.com

2)      Choose to scrape all the search engines Google, Bing and AOL

3)      Harvest the URLS then remove duplicate URL’s to get a clean list

This gave a clean list of URL’s that I simply pasted into a spreadsheet and run the titles command in excel tools for SEO. I got a result like this:

Title H1 H2
Special Footwear & Orthotics | Bespoke Shoes | Orthotics Central London – Free consultation Beautifully HAND crafted specialist Footwear & Orthotics in Central London
Accident Assessment Claims – Anthony Andrews Master Shoemaker Accident Assessment Claims Related Items
Adaptions, Build-ups and Raises by Special Footwear & Orthotics, Central London W1 Adaptations, Build-ups and Raises related items
Uncategorized Archives – Anthony Andrews Master Shoemaker


Complete list of seo tools for excel here but below are the main ones I found useful:

=GooglePageRank([URL]) – To get the Google PageRank by URL

=GoogleIndexCount([URL]) – To get  an approximation of the number of pages indexed by Google by domain (the equivalent to “site:yourdomain.com”)

=WhoIs(string domain) – To get  WhoIs for a domain

=IsDomainRegistered([DOMAIN]) – Returns “true” if a domain is registered. WhoIs servers are configured in SeoTools.config.xml

=FacebookLikes([URL]) – To get  the number of total Facebook Likes of an url (same count as in a badge)

=AlexaReach([URL]) – To get  Alexa Traffic Reach Rank

=ResolveIp([URL]) – Resolves the IP address of the domain in an URL

=HttpStatus([URL]) – To get  the HTTP status code and its description. Also retrieves the Location header (useful for debugging redirects)

=ResponseTime([URL]) – Returns the number of milliseconds it takes for an url to load (cached)

=LinkCount([URL]) – Shows the number of links on a page (cached)

=HtmlTitle([URL]) – Shows the HTML title on a page (cached)

=HtmlMetaDescription([URL]) – Shows the HTML meta description on a page (cached)

=HtmlH1([URL]) – Shows the first HTML H1 element on a page (cached)

=HtmlH2([URL]) – Shows the first HTML H2 element on a page (cached)

=HtmlH3([URL]) – Shows the first HTML H3 element on a page (cached)

=XPathOnUrl([URL]; [XPATH]) – Gets the url and returns the result from xpath

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