Article Rewriters

Loking for a good article rewriter that is not machine based with human interaction for synonym find/replace/group, spinning and phrase editing with suggestions, I came across three candidadtes with differenet features:

A powerful software software able to learn as I use it but only allows you to create one version of the article which cannot be used to distribute versions through article submission sites.

comes with a nice clean interface but still requires your effort and has limited features

EverProfits Toolbar

Just discovered this nifty little FREE tool for internet explorer. It is great to see see a really useful ap for ie instead of firefox for a change.

Features include:

Find Best Performing AdWords Keywords & Bids!

Instantly Discover Your Competitors SEO Tricks!
Magically Find & Create Unique Articles & Content!
Discover Best Advertising Spots for Lowest Prices!
Track & Improve Your Conversions!
Find Undiscovered Profitable Niches!
Instantly Create Joint Venture Relations!
and more, more and more…

Download at

Check out the video at:

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