The Plus Addons For Elementor Review - 120+ Widgets, Extensions & Features Shown

Exploring the Powerful Plus Addons for Elementor – A Comprehensive Review of 120+ Widgets, Extensions, and Features

Are you looking for a comprehensive review of the powerful Plus Addons plugin for Elementor? You’re in the right place! With over 120 widgets, extensions, and features, this plugin can take your website to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore all the amazing tools that Plus Addons has to offer and show you how to use them to your advantage. So, get ready to take your website design to the next level with Plus Addons for Elementor!


Are you looking for ways to enhance your WordPress site and make it stand out from the crowd? Look no further than the Plus Addons for Elementor. This powerful plugin has over 120 widgets, extensions, and features that can transform your website, making it more functional and visually stunning. In this comprehensive review, we will take a closer look at the Plus Addons for Elementor, its features, and everything that makes it one of the most impressive Elementor addons on the market.



PlusEssentials is the first category we will look at in this review. It includes different features such as Audio player, Countdown, and Navigation Menu. The Audio player enables you to play music on your site for your visitors, while the Countdown feature allows you to create a sense of urgency, perfect for promoting upcoming sales or events. Navigation Menu makes it easy to set up custom menus for your site.


The PlusCreative category boasts advanced typography, Advertisment Banner, and Circle Menu. With advanced typography, you can elevate your site’s design by using various font styles and sizes. Advertisment Banner offers customization options for your ad display with different sizes, image options, and display styles. Circle Menu allows you to create a unique and elegant menu for your website.


PlusSections include different backgrounds like Canvas, Segmentation, Gallery, and Video. Canvas allows you to create a blank canvas for your site where you can design anything you want, while Segmentation makes it easy to create different sections on your site. The Gallery feature allows you to showcase your work in an appealing way, and Video lets you embed videos from popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and others.


PlusTabbed offers Accordion, Switcher, and Tab/Tours. These are features that allow you to create dynamic content and make it more interactive for your visitors. The Tab/Tours feature is great for presenting information in an organized and user-friendly format.


PlusScroll includes Full Page, Page Piling, MultiScroll 50/50, and MultiScroll 30/70. The Full Page feature allows you to create a full page section on your site, while Page Piling enhances the user’s browsing experience by adding smooth transitions between sections. MultiScroll 50/50 and MultiScroll 30/70 allow you to create multi-layered pages with different scrolling speeds.


PlusHeader includes Navigation Builder, Breadcrumb, Mobile Menu, Horizontal Mega Menu, Vertical Mega Menu, and Vertical Toggle Menu. Navigation Builder gives you full control over the design of your site’s header area, allowing you to create a custom navigation menu. Breadcrumb creates a breadcrumb trail for your site, making it easier for visitors to navigate. Mobile Menu allows you to set up a mobile-friendly menu for your site, while Horizontal Mega Menu and Vertical Mega Menu make it possible to display more links in the header area. The Vertical Toggle Menu adds an interactive element to your site’s design.


PlusListing includes different styles for Carousel, Grid, Masonry, Metro, Pagination, and Stagger Load. These features let you display your content in unique ways, and make your site more visually appealing to visitors.


PlusExtras includes Column Extras, Global Options, and Special Features. Column Extras allows you to add various elements to your site’s columns, including separators and shadows. Global Options enable you to make changes to your site’s design globally, so you don’t have to make the same changes to each page or post. Special Features add extra functionality to your site, including the ability to add custom CSS, integrate MagicScroll, and White Label for branding purposes.


PlusDesign has 18+ page templates and 300+ UI blocks. These templates and blocks make it easy to create a professional-looking website with minimal effort. You can customize each template to suit your specific needs, or create your own design from scratch.


If you encounter any issues using the Plus Addons for Elementor, don’t worry! You can join a private Facebook group for additional support. This ensures that any problem arising will be quickly addressed, and helps to build a community around the product.


In conclusion, the Plus Addons for Elementor is a great addition to any WordPress site that uses Elementor. Its numerous features, customization options, and templates make it easy to create a professional and unique website without any specialized coding skills. With additional support from the private Facebook group and the WP Learning Lab resource, you can trust that any issues you encounter will be resolved quickly.


  1. Is the Plus Addons for Elementor compatible with WordPress?
    Yes, the Plus Addons for Elementor is fully compatible with WordPress.

  2. Can I use the Plus Addons for Elementor without prior coding experience?
    Yes, the Plus Addons for Elementor is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with no prior coding experience needed.

  3. Is there a cost associated with the Plus Addons for Elementor?
    Yes, there is a cost associated with using the Plus Addons for Elementor, but it is reasonable and well worth it considering the numerous features offered.

  4. Is support provided for the Plus Addons for Elementor?
    Yes, support is provided for the Plus Addons for Elementor. You can join a private Facebook group for additional support.

  5. Can I use the Plus Addons for Elementor with any hosting provider?
    Yes, the Plus Addons for Elementor can be used with any hosting provider, although SiteGround is recommended as a great hosting option for WordPress sites.

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