Facebook Live Will Transform Your Business

Facebook Live

Facebook Live has proven to be one of the most revolutionary marketing media for businesses and brands all around the globe.

With the increasing demand for video content, Facebook Live has provided advertisers with an opportunity to capitalize on creating engaging content for their audience.

A few years back, we were discussing how video’s going to change social media and content marketing strategies.

Today, video is the dominating form of content and advertisers realize this uprising.

How video is changing the online advertising industry?

Let’s check out few of the social media and content marketing statistics by WordStream.

  1. Video Content is being used by more than 87% of online advertisers.
  2. A whopping 85% of the US Audience watches online videos.
  3. 45% of the online viewers admit to watching more than one hour of video content on Facebook and YouTube every day.
  4. Out of all the online activity, 33% is spent watching videos.
  5. Forbes claims that one half billion users watch Facebook videos every single day!
  6. By the end of 2019, video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.
  7. Facebook manages more than 8 Billion new videos uploaded as per MediaKix.
  8. Videos are popular to increase conversions by up to 80% when put on landing pages.
  9. Videos that last no more than 2 minutes generate the highest engagement.
  10. More than 92% of the mobile users share videos with their friends.
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These statistics are enough to make you realize that video has changed the online advertising industry forever.

Advertisers, therefore, need to get comfortable with video and implement it in their online advertising strategies.

Facebook Live can do wonders for your business or personal brand as video is a great way to cultivate and deepen relationships with customers. It feels authentic, it is emotional, and provides immense value to the audience. Facebook Live feature is a great opportunity to gain the trust of your targeted audience.

How to make the most of Facebook Live?

When making a plunge to video, especially on Facebook Live, advertisers should make sure they commit to:

  1. Good Lighting. Make sure you stand where the natural light is facing you.
  2. Zero distraction. You don’t want unnecessary distraction when you go live.
  3. Strong Internet Connectivity. Make sure you have the strongest bandwidth of internet where you have all the set up ready.
  4. Your Purpose. Identify the purpose behind you going live. Always try providing as much value as you can.

What content ideas can be used for the video?

Before going live on Facebook, always ensure that you have a purpose to fulfill and that you have a specific topic to speak about.

Here are a few content ideas that can work well on Facebook Live:

  1. Open houses – these are incredible regardless of whether the posting isn’t yours – complete a stroll through ensuring you are on camera at any rate 60% of the time so the viewers can become acquainted with you and the house.
  2. Your market insights matter – offer a snappy tip on one subject or recount a brisk anecdote around an experience you had.
  3. Meeting a specialist – it’s important to create value with expertise, your very own mastery and the ability in your authoritative reach.
  4. Show and teach something – how to get the best out of an open house, how to make the best offer, how to organize a specific room, individuals love to find out about houses, purchasing/moving/redesigning, and so on.
  5. You can have a thorough discussion about the most recent market trends and research.
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