Google Analytics-top Q&A’s video

In an action-packed episode Avinash Kaushik and Nick Mihailovski discuss:

  • How you can see the top landing page report by keyword.
  • Calculating Avg Time to complete a goal.
  • The recommended way to do internal campaign tracking.
  • Creating funnel reports for different user types.
  • How page title and URL are used in unique pageview calculations.
  • Why you see google as a referral in Google Analytics.
  • Can you use GA to track social networking links without link shorteners?
  • Using canonical URLs to differentiate multiple links on a page.
  • Calculating bounce rate for AJAX sites.
  • Getting campaign data into Google Analytics without using URL parameters.
  • Google Analytics campaign attribution and direct traffic.
  • Working with Custom Variables in website templates.
  • Using Ecommerce tracking for tracking conversions.
  • Is there a way to see data broken down by day of the week?
  • How tabbed navigation effects funnel abandonment.
  • How to track various form selections.
  • Fnding Average number of items per order in Google Analytics.
Click below to see the answers:

Google Analytics Blog: Last Web Analytics TV For 2010 – Out With A Bang

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