5 Ways to Optimise Your Page Title Tags for Google

As page title is the first thing you see on Google SERPs, it is one of the crucial parts of the article. Therefore a good SEO has to be applied to it, as well as to other parts of the article.
The page title is also an essential part of Google algorithm, so it should be wisely written to help both the website to be better ranked and to readers to preferably open and read your article, among thousands other articles. Here are 5 tips for you to help you create page titles which will appeal more to Google algorithm and readers.

1. Use keywords in the page titles

Keywords are the essential part of SEO, and they should be chosen carefully and used throughout the article but, you should have them in the page titles, too. Keywords are crucial in attracting organic traffic to your page.

Try to use LSI keywords in the article and the title. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are the words that are most often found together in articles such as car and vehicle. They are not synonyms. But, Google algorithm also recognises them so the use of LSI keywords can help increase your overall ranking.
The things you should keep in mind while choosing the keyword is that it should be frequent enough in the article, but the article should not be overfilled with it because Google algorithm doesn’t like it. Also, choose the specific keywords that are not often used.

2. The page title should not be too long nor too short

The best length of the page title is around 60 characters, and you should try to put your point about the article in this range of characters count. This length gives you enough space to write the point and attract readers to your article.
If the page title is too short, it might not be attractive to readers, and if it is too long, the end of it will be cut out by Google, and it will not be fully visible to readers.

3. Make each page title unique

Google algorithm recognise two pages with the same title and lowers down your overall score for Google ranking. As each article should be different from another with a similar topic, so does the page title.

4. The title should be one sentence description of the article

The point of your article should be summarised in the title, and describe what it is about. It should not mislead readers, but give them the idea of the content they will read in the article and they will be satisfied after reading it. So, make it concise, appealing, attractive and pointing.

5. Use the name of your company or brand in the title

This will send the positive signal to the Google algorithm, and make a better ranking of your website. If you have a brand name, it is an excellent starting point for good ranking on Google, as brand names are unique and therefore highly rated by Google algorithm.
Wrap up
These are only key points for SEO of your page title. Also keep in mind that it is people who read the article, not Google algorithm, so raise the quality of the article to the highest level possible because that is an equally important thing for the audience, as SEO is for Google.

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