Keyword Research – Free Methods of Conducting the Right Way

Keyword research is a mandatory process when it comes to the actualization of goals in online ventures such as setting up a website, ecommerce sales channel like Amazon or  a YouTube channel.

If you are here today, you understand the critical role that keywords play. On the one hand, you are willing to do everything possible to succeed online, and on the other hand, you are keen on keeping your expenses to the bare minimum through SEO and PPC ads management. If that’s your current situation, stay put to discover free, yet productive keyword research techniques.

Google search

When you type something in Google search, it gives you a list of suggestions. That right there is an opportunity to know what many people are looking for.

Use these suggestions to come up with the correct keywords for your blog, YouTube channel, or the type of online business you operate. For a list of related keywords that you can use, scroll to the bottom-most part of the page.

YouTube search

When performing keyword research on YouTube, it is imperative that you find keywords capable of driving traffic to your video. There is no better place to look for keywords than on YouTube.

The reason YouTube is the second biggest search engine is that Google owns it. Finding keywords on YouTube is pretty straightforward. Just type the term you are looking for, and more terms will open on the suggestion bar. Every time you type a new word, you will see more suggestions.

Do not forget to view the videos that show up in your search. Doing so helps you to ascertain if the videos have any relations with your keyword and the number of views. If it has a lot of views, it means that a lot of people are interested. The vice versa is also true.

Keywords Everywhere

You can download and use Keywords Everywhere free plugin on both Firefox and chrome. This tool increases the efficiency of YouTube and Google search tools. It displays the volume of monthly searches on the suggestion bar when you use YouTube and Google in Keyword research.

Besides giving you related keywords, Keywords Everywhere also reveals the competition level and cost per click.


This is yet another excellent keyword research tool. Many people aren’t aware of its existence, let alone, its usefulness as far as finding productive keyword is concerned.

A creation of Neil Patel, Ubersuggest is a free tool for use by all. The name of this tool originates from the fact that it does more than giving you keyword suggestions.

How does Ubersuggest work?

I bet you already think that you need some expertise to utilize this free keyword search tool. You are mistaken.

Go to In the search box, type the reference term, choose language as well as source. From there, click the “suggest” button to obtain the desired results. Use the “Select all Keywords” once you get results for all the suggestions.

Some of the benefits of using Ubersuggest for your keyword research include;

i. Its interface is clean, clear, and simple, making it user-friendly. This way, you get what you want pretty fast.

ii. It gives you an in-depth analysis of your keyword to help you find the best keyword. For instance, Ubersuggest helps you see the number of people searching for specific keywords every month.

iii. It gives you the ability to scan a massive volume of keyword suggestions. It produces keyword suggestions that you probably wouldn’t think of in the first place.

iv. You can copy and paste the list of keywords elsewhere for further analysis.

Now you are aware of some of the best free tools for performing keyword research. If you aren’t several steps of your competition, you have only yourself to blame.

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