Keywords Everywhere browser app review

Keywords Everywhere is a free search tool web application that can be easily installed on either Chrome or Firefox to gather AdWords data and display in browser. The data includes:

  • Monthly volume: the average number of times (last 12 months) a keyword has been searched
  • CPC: amount a campaign advertiser pays for each Google Adwords click
  • Competition: the number of advertisers running this keyword in Adwords

At last, Google Adwords keyword search volume, CPC and competition data is now packaged conveniently to enable fast reckoning of keywwords and long-tail phrase value.

Get Adwords data on any page

Just head to a website and select a word or phrase. Right click on it and you will find the Keywords Everywhere icon followed by “Get Keyword Data for…” Selecting this will raise a small window with the metrics of the selection. For instant analytical information it doesn’t get much better than that.

Analytics Search Console

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that tracks and reports your website traffic and, where applicable, a measure of ROI (Return on Investment) conversion.

Before adding the Keywords Everywhere app the Google Analytics dashboard shows just “Clicks”, “Impressions” and “CTR” (Click-through Rate). Useful but still, in order to find accurate search volume and competition data, the user has to open up Adwords account to conduct further keyword.
With Keywords Everywhere the Analytics dashboard has three new columns showing data relating to keywords: “Monthly Volume”, “CPC” and “Competition”.

Google Search Console

As well as adding instant analytical data to websites such as and Amazon, Keywords Everywhere supplements Google Search Console. The Console is another free-of-charge tool allowing users to monitor the indexing status and visibility of websites they manage and in doing so manipulate the data.

Being able to view Keywords Everywhere metrics in one easy sitting gives users an ability to instantly maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns or increase the SEO content of web page copy. Being rid of the need for extensive keyword research is one of the overriding benefits of this ground-breaking app.

Google Search

What is more intuitive than being able to see a search metric in real-time and at the instant of writing it? Keywords Everywhere adds search volume data, CPC and competition data to any word or phrase written into the Google search engine (so too with Bing, Amazon and eBay searches). Simply go to your search engine and write a key word or phrase then search. You will see the real-time metric appear in small print underneath the search field (if it doesn’t show up the extension may not installed).

Google Trends

The extension also adds similar data to Google Trends. Trends is yet another analytical aid from Google that presents seasonal data on how often search terms and related topics come up. The facility then compares these instances with total search volume by region, country or language.

Installing Keywords Everywhere will add its three additional parameters (volume, CPC and competition) underneath each data set again enabling instant access to the relative strength of each word or phrase. The bolstering of the widgets “Related Topics” and “Related Queries” allows the user a more immediate assessment of future key word use.


For those of you using Ubersuggest as an SEO keyword research tool Keywords Everywhere is a must-have boon. The extremely fast platform allows serious users to find keywords and key ideas that will help bolster site visibility and rocket marketing campaigns. Its Word Cloud function is a great way to visualize the relative strength of each word.

Keywords Everywhere adds keyword volume, CPC and competition metrics alongside each word or idea analyzed by Ubersuggest. In combination, the two research engines make finding the most visible and powerful words easy, in turn generating far more visible website content than your competitors.

The extension is free to use and can be downloaded from Once you receive your unique API Key you will be able to use the app to maximize keyword effectiveness without having to go back and forward from one website to another to check search volume and word value.

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