KeywordSpy™ goes British!


As the second largest PPC market in the world, the United Kingdom deserves the full attention of a wily PPC advertiser. But with mostly US-centric keyword research tools available, how can you expect to be effective in reaching out to a UK audience?

Just like how the original KeywordSpy service revolutionized US online marketing analytics, KeywordSpy UK identifies your online competitors and their UK-specific tactics.

The features include:

  • Daily scanning of the UK PPC market.
  • Over 127 million keywords
  • ROI detection for profitable keywords and ad copy combination.
  • Full support for 80+ affiliate networks in the UK market.
  • Customized UK specific statistics.

KeywordSpywill be the most comprehensive analytics service that gathers data from UK-based searches to provide reliable competitive intelligence for PPC campaigns in the UK advertising arena.

With the recent launch of KeywordSpy version 3.0, the keyword competitive tool has also upgraded its UK analytics, prompting a surge in its use by UK PPC specialists and making it the new top choice in UK.

Don’t get left behind by this British invasion. Score more PPC goals with the new and enhanced KeywordSpy.


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