link building strategy-Avoid Kiss of Death!

I think I gave the new site the kiss of death by over promoting it through link building, so I will follow the strategy of Brian Johnson from now on.
I researched the niche, found the domain, built content and ended up no.4 in serps for a keyword with 580k broad matches.
Not being happy with the result I decided  to shoot for position no.1 by building two daily links from pr6-9 sites.
After being on page 1 of Google for a week the site disappeared from SEPRPS (though not de-indexed). I now know what Brian Johnson meant When he says “Google can be brutal” if you over promote a new site.
Slow & Steady Growth (Site Content and Inbound Links)
a. 6 posts daily to any one blog.
b. No link building for the first month of a newly launched site.
c. Very slow inbound link growth for sites which are only 2 to 3 months old. Average 3 to 5 inbound links daily but no more.

In other words the back links have to follow age of domain and number of posts in order to look natural to the search engines

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