Elementor Pro Part 3 - Elementor Form Builder

Mastering Elementor Pro Part 3: Building Custom Forms with the Elementor Form Builder

Welcome to the third part of our series on mastering Elementor Pro! This time, we’ll be delving into one of its most powerful features – the Elementor Form Builder. With this tool, we can easily create custom forms that are tailored to our specific needs. Whether it’s for collecting user information, taking orders or conducting surveys, Elementor makes it a breeze. So, join us as we explore the ins and outs of building custom forms with Elementor Pro!


Are you struggling to create custom forms for your WordPress website? Do you want to enhance the user experience and gather important data with ease? Look no further than the WordPress Tutorial channel, WP Learning Lab. In this video review, we are sharing our thoughts on their latest tutorial, “Mastering Elementor Pro Part 3: Building Custom Forms with the Elementor Form Builder.”

Why Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro offers a form builder widget that simplifies the entire process of building custom forms. The process can be completed without the need for third-party form builders such as Contact Form 7 or NinjaForms. Elementor offers a variety of options that allow users to customize the form appearance and fields.

The Tutorial Features

The tutorial focuses on the actions section of the Elementor form builder where users can configure emails to be sent to them and the form submitter, as well as redirections after form submission. The audience is advised to pay close attention to this section of the tutorial.

Accompanying Checklist and Discounts

In addition to providing helpful tutorials, WP Learning Lab offers a free 17-point WordPress pre-launch PDF checklist. Moreover, they offer a 25% discount on Elementor Pro to help users get started with their website customization. SiteGround is recommended as a hosting provider with more than 20 reasons for hosting websites. Their private Facebook group is also open to members who want to share their WordPress success with the #WPLLCommunity hashtag.

How to Find the Tutorial

The tutorial is available on the WP Learning Lab channel and is part of a series. The channel offers guidance on various WordPress features and offers an unofficial ultimate guide to Elementor course waiting list with no obligation.


In conclusion, “Mastering Elementor Pro Part 3: Building Custom Forms with the Elementor Form Builder” provides comprehensive guidelines for building custom forms with the Elementor form builder. The tutorial covers setting up emails sent to the form submitter and the person receiving the form, and highlights the importance of paying close attention to the actions section of the builder. WP Learning Lab’s complementary checklist and discounts provide users with additional value, while SiteGround’s hosting expertise ensures reliable website performance.

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