Most popular web design trends of 2015

The web presents a great opportunity for web designers to think out if the box. It has made them push the limits of innovation and come up with new ways of displaying information on the web. 2015 has seen new web design trends that have completely changed the industry.

Make it Big

sample make it big web design

One of the most popular web trend today is ‘Make it Big’. This trend basically makes the homepage look like a book cover with just a few words overlaid on an image or video. The trend takes the Cinematic and Book Cover trend. Now companies like Vogue and PayPal have taken it to the next level by incorporating a full screen video. The trend is bound to make a huge impact on the web design industry.

Multimedia concept

The multimedia experience

Another trend that is doing rounds around the web is the ‘multimedia concept’. Though this has been around for a long time it is still a growing trend. Many people are testing it and incorporating this idea in their websites. In fact it may have been over used that it has lost its original meaning. It involves the wide range of use of multimedia experiences. This involved video or any other visual effect that can be created by the HTML5 element. A good example of this is the Raise the River Project. The Website is designed with a good pace of animation and inability to scroll that forces the user to adjust to the page timeline.

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Parallax effect mutations

The Parallax effect mutations

Parallax effect mutations is another emerging trend in the business. It involves the use of Page scrolling or mouse movement to animate elements or properties of the page. Mint Design Company uses an old CSS sprite technique that makes the website standout among company websites. Innovative scrolling is also widely used.

Animated storybook

Animated storybook

Another type of page design is the use of animated storybook. An animation sequence starts once the user reaches a certain scroll position. An example is the Colin and Dewi’s website which presents a way of keeping the user focussed while reading the story. It engages the use of 3D CSS animation and hiding and revealing texts which makes the story more interesting.

Flat design

Flat design

For the last three years flat design has dominated the web design industry beating even the glossy web 2.0 icons that were in use a few years ago. Flat design makes it very easy to make smaller elements like icons, menus and illustrations look good. Moreover the use of icon font technology makes it much easier to scale and manage them. This trend is likely to continue dominating the industry for very long.

Rectangle tiles


For the many who still prefer to use rectangles, tiles is the way to go. This web design even sells better than the Windows 8 Metro interface. They work well in responsive layouts and still remain one of the coolest ways of forming impressive layouts.

Thinking outside the box

No more boxes

People always love the idea of thinking outside the box and for web designers this is kind of a prerequisite for the job. Web designers have tried to do this literally. All the webpages are designed with a rectangle screen as the frame shape. This has however not stopped web designers who want to use more shapes to get the user’s attention. They use different strategies like creating page layouts as though the rectangle never existed.

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Many other web design trends are running rounds in the internet and the ones mentioned above are but just a few of the many. Others include the use of navigation widgets, integrating Google maps, use of Mashup interfaces, minimizing content, the world wide wait, designer automation and many more. The web design industry is growing fast and new ways of design will continue coming up.

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