Why do you need a press release?


A press release serves two purposes.

1) They can develop an amazing amount of link popularity
from real authority sites as a professionally written press
release actually gets distributed and posted to real media
sites. We’re talking major newspaper sites in many cases.

2) By getting exposure for your business on major authority
sites, you not only will see direct traffic from those
sources to your site, but it is not uncommon for a press
release to get syndicated and distributed to an even wider
audience if it gets picked up by a news service.

A press release is like article marketing on steroids.

A press release is one of the ways the big boys get
exposure. These are not designed for made for Adsense sites,
but for a quality websites.

If you’re on a budget you can find several free press
release distribution networks as well, though their exposure
will be far more limited.

If you’re not currently doing press release marketing you
are missing out big time. If you want to take advantage of this great resource then try our team.

We have two highly experienced professional, American, press release writers on staff. Click here to enquire about our press release service.
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