promote your website on facebook

Knowing how to promote a website on facebook is vital to success of your business, blog and other businesses ventures. With millions of users and followers allover the world, Facebook stands out as one of the most popular and viable social networking sites. People use this platform to communicate, share content, advertise, network and much more. Unfortunately, many website owners and webmasters are yet to tap into this advertising platform. You can make your website more popular and enticing through Facebook by using the following methods:


Did you know that Facebook allows you to promote your website and services on its platform? It offers a variety of packages to suit different needs, markets, location, gender, age, demographics and also budget. For instant you may opt for a package that charges a fixed amount for the advert or go for one whose charge is pegged on number of views or clicks. The more the views or clicks the more the pay. You also can set the maximum amount you want to pay so as to manage your budget. Users who view your website


Facebook Pages

Facebook offers pages that can used to promote your website. This page will contain relevant information about your website or business, what it does, a brief profile, user benefits and much more. You need to select the best category that suits your business, create a page then add relevant content such as the URL, description of services, images, website logo and more. A Facebook user will be able to view your website details while on the social media site. You can also include a link that takes them directly to the site.


Facebook allows its users to interact, share contents, follow each other, comment and much more. All you need is identifying people whom you share common interests with then follow them, join a discussion group or like their page. Through these forums you can alert your friends, followers, group members of your website and ask them to like it, share related content and also pass the word round. You need to be active so as to attract a large audience, regularly comment on issues, and also update your website.


Human beings love bargains whether its discounted sales, free gifts, or bonus offers. You can advertise such issues on your Facebook page then direst them to visit your website. The desire to enjoy the lower prices, bonuses or curiosity to know more about the promo will lead many people to your website. This will not only attract more visitors but will also make your website more popular. It’s however important to ensure you have enough products and are always engage your audience. The Facebook page will contain the special offers and you may also ask your Facebook friends to share the information with their friends.

Listed above are some of the simple yet effective methods of popularizing your website via Facebook. The methods can be used by anyone, are easy to apply, don’t cost much and very effective in the short and long run. You no longer have to struggle or spend lots of resources in order to promote a website on facebook. Use any or all of the above strategies and see your website grow in leaps and bounds.

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