Reuse Facebook Ads with Social Proof to Great Effect

Facebook is not only a place to show off how awesomely awesome your cat is, but it’s also a really powerful way to advertise stuff. The downside is that their ads manager dashboard is more antiquated than Bing’s, with many glitches and they also barely have any human support for the general FB Ads user.

Given the social nature of the platform, there are distinct advantages to using Facebook that one cannot achieve via search engine marketing like Google or Bing Ads.

One of the advantages of showing ads on Facebook vs Google is that people can interact with your ad as they would a normal Facebook post. Users can like, comment, and share ads, which adds another dimension of engagement as opposed to simply an ad click to a website.

Now technically one can boost a Facebook post that has a lot of engagement and Facebook constantly reminds you of this with those “your post of a stapler is doing 95% better than all ads in your account.. boost it for more exposure” message.

The issue though is organic posts aren’t usually in the format you’d want for paid ads. They don’t contain a call to action and are usually not driving a user towards a sale, which is, you know, probably the reason you’re using Facebook ads in the first place.

So what if you have an ad that’s been doing really well, not just from a conversion standpoint but from an engagement standpoint? Let’s say your ad has thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to utilize that ad across multiple campaigns?

It sure would be… Guess what?

Yup! You can reuse the same ads across multiple campaigns and utilize all that previously garnered social traction.

You can harness this magic by going into the Ads manager and clicking on page posts.

Find the ad with the most social engagement and copy the post ID. You can also click on the engagement bar to see exactly what type of engagement actions were taken.

Then when creating the campaign select “Use Existing Post” and enter the post id.

Congratulations! You are now recycling your super engaged All-Star Ads! Hats off to you for utilizing social proof while saving the environment.

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