Perfect Thank You Page Samples

When it comes to designing a website, many tend to ignore using “thank you” pages when visitors take a desired action e.g download their special report. If you haven’t used a “thank you” page before, you are missing a great opportunity to optimise paid campaign landing pages and  engage with your site visitors.

A proper thank you page will not only show your gratitude for the actions of your leads, but it can also be used to drive further action and engagement with your business.

Here are 11 examples that perfectly illustrate how a thank you page should be:


1: Support their purchase decision

Once somebody has decided to buy something from you or has taken any other action, they might encounter what we call a “buyers remorse” or in other words regret their purchase. You can minimise the risk by giving them reassurance that the product or company that they decided to do business with is a great choice. You may, for example, include video testimonials of happy clients you have worked with in the past.

2: Raise the average value of each order

The majority of online e-shops nowadays, push up selling tactics through product pages and shopping carts but rarely through thank you pages. However, thank you pages are perfect means for promoting upselling services as most of the psychological obstacles a client will have will vanish once they’ve already made a purchase. You may feature a link to special add-ons so a customer can extend their order e.g add this X product to your order for less!

3: Promote repeat purchases

Sure, landing first-time customers is important but most successful online businesses find ways to encourage repeat purchases. Most companies do so via email marketing but you can use your thank you page as well. For instance, you may write “thank you for your purchase. As a gift of appreciation, we are giving you 20% off on your next purchase”.

4: Encourage social sharing

Once someone becomes a lead and has already shown some interest in interacting with you, he/she is a good candidate for spreading the word about your website. You can encourage social sharing by featuring in your thank you page a CTA and social media buttons e.g “Thank you for downloading our report. If you’ve found this useful, don’t forget to share it with others… “


5: Develop your community

If someone has taken a desired action, why not invite them to be a part of your active community? If you have a facebook or twitter profile, a forum, or any other active profile in a social media platform, invite others to join through your thank you page.


6: Get Referrals

Getting referrals out of your customers is sometimes next to impossible if you don’t ask first. Give your clients incentives to get you some referrals and potentially drive more business your way e.g tell them that they’ll have a 15% voucher or credit for the next purchase, once they refer their friends to you.


7: Streamline your customer database

In most cases, the more complex a checkout phase of lead interaction form is, the less likely to drive conversions. However, there are a few qualifying questions that you can use in your thank you page to improve your customer database. For example, if you are selling clothes, you may thank your buyers and ask them how often they shop online for clothes and use that info for customising your conversion strategies.


8: Host a survey

Customer surveys and qualitative buyer research, in general, are very useful for improving your business outputs. However, you don’t want to risk disrupting the buyer on their journey either. The perfect solution here is to host a survey in your thank you page after the client has made a purchase or taken a desired action.


9: Make some extra cash

Nowadays, more and more online shop owners are turning their thank you pages into cash making machines and extra sources of income. How? They use third-party ads and sponsored links. If you don’t mind exposing your clients to third-party ads, there are multiple tools that you can use to enable them and make some extra cash.


10: Be a fundraiser for charity

If making some extra cash through third-party ads isn’t your cup of tea, you may use your thank you pages to donate money to charity–after thanking your customers for their business, you may feature charity info, icons and a donation button they can use to make their donations directly.


11: Keep visitors on your website

If you don’t want to appear as too pushy and getting extra cash isn’t your thing, you can still use your thank you page more simply and just share with your leads some free stuff so they can engage further with your website e.g share a list of useful article links or a contact form where they can send you any queries or feedback.

Of course, even though all the above ways are very useful, not everything works for everyone. Experiment with multiple ways and see which one works best and keep using it so you can achieve your targets!