Tips for fast content development

Content development is a daunting task which requires a lot of time. Finding good content takes time, and for small business owners time is not a luxury they can afford. However there are ways one can get quality content to the right audience in a short time.

The first thing for one to do is to develop a plan. Generating ideas on a whim might seem to take shorter time however planning helps maximize your results. It creates efficiency as one knows exactly what to do at any particular time.

Editorial Calendar

You are also advised to set up an editorial calendar which will enable you to keep track when it’s time to write. The editorial calendar can also include plans on details for searching for stock images, and provide links for research for easy access. This will make work much easier when the date for a particular assignment reaches.

Perfect Headline

Another key aspect of content development is looking for the perfect headline. The headline is very important as it determines both the click through and conversion rate. Therefore it is very important for you to make sure that your topic is top notch so as to encourage more clicks. There are a few tricks to ensure that your title suits the needs of the consumer. First you need to solve a problem; people will only click if your topic outlines a problem and its solution. Secondly you have to give a statistic. Also ask a question. And finally involve your audience. It is also important to note that when writing headlines you have to be sure to use verbs, this will help inspire the audience to action. There is also a way one can save time in generating blog topics. You can use Hubspot which has a great tool for generating complete blog topics. One has only to type in a noun representing the subject of discussion and the blog topic generator will generate an array of topics from which you can choose from. You can also download the generator tool as an Excel spreadsheet.

Content Ideas

The other great challenge that comes with blog writing is coming up with new ideas and this causes many blogs to fail. Brainstorming can at times take a lot of time therefore there are some tricks that one can use to generate ideas faster some of which might require the help of a professional. First you can invest in a keyword report. Though they take a short time ordering a keyword report will save you a lot of time as you will have all the best keywords sent to you in a very short time. Next you can get a content audit, this will help you find missing information and also help you locate pages where content is too thin. Thirdly it is wise for you to scan social media, this can give you a lot of ideas concerning what the customers really want. Also you can do a quick search on community websites like Quora and Reddit.

Content Curation

Another great way for a blog writer to save time is the use of content curation. This it does by collecting all high quality content into one place. Though a human is required it can also be done automatically by tools such as This method coupled with a few of your own insights will give you an edge in the industry.

Speedwriting Skills

Speedwriting is an essential part of blog writing though it may lead to low quality and sloppy work. There are however ways one can speed write without compromising the quality of your content. One is to know the your topic beforehand, this will help in the process if generating ideas, others are to get enough knowledge on the subject, writing an outline, staying focussed, setting a timer and not putting so much effort in trying to look of the perfect word.

Make Quality Priority

However with all that said the most important thing is to always make quality your priority. In a bid to meet customer demand one might be led to produce sloppy work, this is not advisable, you are required to spend some good time developing the blog. It is also important to note that hiring a professional will increase the quality of your work thence it is highly recommended.

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