Varying Anchor Text

Varying Anchor Texts

One of the most important aspects of building links effectively is rotating and varying your anchor text.

This is because it looks unnatural to Google if you have 500 incoming links to your site all with the same exact same anchor text.

So your goal is to look like these sites are naturally linking to you around a specific topic. Because no way in the natural order of events would 500 sites link to you with all the exact same anchor text.

You should simulate this natural process during internet marketing in an automated way by determining your first, second, and third most important keywords that you want to rank for.

For the primary keyword research 2 close variations. For example if you wanted to rank for the term “dog training” – 2 variations of your primary keyword might be “dog obedience training” and “train dogs” (this is assuming any of these variations aren’t your already defined 2nd & 3rd most important keywords you want to rank for).

For your second most important keyword, create 3 variations but loosen them up just a little bit.

For example so if your secondary keyword is “dog training ebook” – then you’re variations might be “dog training courses”, “train dogs ebook”, “dog obedience ebooks”.

Now do the same as the second with the third, but broaden the keywords even more when you choose your variations.

Your fourth set of anchor text is a collection of miscellaneous keywords such as:

    • * Your actual URL as the anchor text


    * Words like “click here”, “visit the website”, “read this site”, and some other miscellaneous lower competition keywords that you’ve researched and could possibly want to rank for.
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Optimally your linking profile should look like this in terms of the proportion of each anchor text linking back to your site:

    • * 1st most important keyword set – 50%,


    • * 2nd most important keyword set – 25%,


    • * 3rd most important keyword set – 15%,


    * Miscellaneous keyword set – 10%

That simply means that 50% of your backlinks should use anchor text from your first group, 25% from your second group, 15% of your backlinks with anchor text from your third group, and 10% from your miscellaneous keywords.

If you promote your website with this method and replace anchor texts often then you will open multiple gateways for online traffic to find you and have a very interesting analytics keywords report to guide you each month.

Some sort of a spreadsheet where you list all your activities, including each submission, to where, what site or page are you linking back to, and what anchor text you used. Also if you use spun content then you can automate the system with advanced anchor text spinning method.

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