Web Design: 5 Navigation Mistakes to Avoid

Navigation is vital in designing your website. It might seem insignificant, but it determines how effective and efficient your site is. A study has indicated that 50 percent of the potential sales get lost since the customers cannot get the information they are looking for. That is losing a lot of revenue, and it will affect your business negatively.

So when designing your website, it is vital to ensure that the users find it easy to use and get the necessary information fast. Below are some of the navigation mistakes you should avoid during web design;

Mistake 1 – Non-Standard Menu Style

Creativity and innovation are part of making your website look great. But as you are making it an incredible internet site, remember that your clients are used to find the navigation at the top flowing from left to right. Don’t make the customers wander for long searching for the information. Remember your ultimate goal is to ensure that the users get the required information and not to make them learn new tactics of using the website.

Ensure that you put traditional top menu navigation at the standard point to make your site users friendly. A website that is easy to use will lead to high page visit.

Mistake 2 – Having Too Many Options in Your Navigation

It is certain that you would want your customers to get as much as information as required. But having too many options will only confuse your clients and make it hard for them to get the needed information. It is, therefore, advisable to cut down the number of pages at the top level navigation.

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Learn which page the customers like and visit most and the products they prefer. It will help you design your web with the aim of satisfying the need of the client.

Mistake 3 – Failure to Consider the Order of Your Navigation

The study has shown that the clients will mostly pay attention to the products at the beginning and the end of the given list. When it comes to your site navigation, it is, therefore, important to ensure that the pages mostly visited by the customers should be at the front and the end of your list.

A small aspect of your website can bring a significant impact. Make sure that you get your order right and once you have done it, just sit back and you will be amazed by the results.

Mistake 4 – Using Generic Menu Labels

When it comes to web design, creativity is paramount. Let your website look attractive but don’t make a mistake of using generic menu names. Try to let visitors know what kind of products or services you are offering straight away instead of “Our Products” or “Our Services” or how they are helpful to the customers. Being specific will enable the customer to visit your site with a clear mind of what they are searching for.

Mistake 5 – Drop Down Menus overuse

Too many drop down menus make it hard for the user to navigate the website and sometimes to skip the valuable information. If you can avoid the drop down menus, then you will realize that the number of page visit will increase.

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A small mistake in your website navigation can cost you a lot. Be keen when designing and ensure that your site is valid.

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