Website Promotion Runs

If you really want to build a lot of links to a site quickly, and consistently then you’ll want to develop what we call a “promotion run”.

This is simply a template of a series of actions you take in a row to complete one “run” of promoting a website or property to which you want to drive backlinks.

1) Submit an article to 10-20 article directories. Use no more than one unique article per 10 submissions. Keep tracking of the anchor text you used for each submission.

Vary your anchor text by each set of 10-20 directory submissions according to the optimal anchor text variation strategy we’ve already discussed.

2) Use an article spinner to submit 2 spun articles to SEOLinkVine. Spin the title and the body of the article.

Either attempt to track your anchor text proportion, or optionally use advanced anchor text spinning to automate varying anchor text.

3) Submit 1 article to Unique Article Wizard, with the 3 article variations process. Again vary your anchor text one way or another.

The last thing that you have to watch out for is something called “link velocity”. If for example, you get a whole bunch of links fast, Google might drop you out of a favorable position in the SERP’s.

What they are doing is testing you. If the links continue to come in even as the target’s ranking has dropped considerably, then Google see this and re-considers the target as perhaps legitimately deserving of ranking for a particular keyword.

On the other hand, if all the links suddenly stop – then that simply confirms G’s suspicion that this was unnatural linking and you may even end up ranking outside the top 100 when it’s all said and done with.

That’s why having a consistent inbound link velocity is so important you should stay in a consistent mode of promoting a website.

Perhaps you do a run on a site every 2-3 days (usually if it’s new and you really want to rank for a keyword) – or once every 7-10 days for sites that are already established and ranking for your target keywords.

You don’t need to do every day or every other day promotion runs on them because it’s natural for link velocity to slow down over time.

Once you have your ranking, and have sustained that ranking for a while (more than 1-2 weeks depending on the competition) then you can gradually slow down and spread out your promotion runs for that particular site.

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