Wordpress 5.5 Just Dropped & It Killed Some Popular Plugins

WordPress 5.5 Update Causes Demise of Popular Plugins

As an experienced content writer and avid WordPress user, I was eagerly awaiting the rollout of the latest 5.5 update. However, much to my dismay, the update has caused the demise of some of the most popular plugins in the WordPress community. As I will detail in this blog post, the update’s changes to jQuery adversely affected many plugins that relied on the library, rendering them useless. Join me as we explore the impact of the WordPress 5.5 update on the plugin ecosystem and what you can do to mitigate the consequences on your website.


As a proficient SEO writer, it is my responsibility to keep myself updated with the latest trends in the digital world. Recently, WordPress 5.5 was introduced with some new and exciting features. However, it had some major repercussions on the performance and functionality of popular plugins. In this article, I will be reviewing a video created by WP Learning Lab on the WordPress 5.5 update and its impact on the plugins. I will provide an analysis of the update and explain how it has resulted in the demise of popular plugins.

WordPress 5.5 is Here with Some Great New Features

WordPress 5.5 came with novel features such as Lazy Load, XML Sitemaps, Plugin and Theme Auto-Updates, and Copy Buttons for Media. These features were introduced with the aim to enhance the user experience and convenience. However, these features unintentionally affected the operation of numerous popular plugins.

Some Popular Plugins are Now Done with the WordPress 5.5 Update

The WordPress 5.5 update caused numerous plugins to become obsolete. For instance, the Table of Contents Plus plugin, which was widely used, is now inactive after the update. Various plugins such as WP jQuery Plus, Yoast SEO, and Jetpack, which were relied upon by millions of websites, have lost their vital features after the update. This has caused irritation and inconvenience for many users who relied on these plugins to improve the functionality of their websites.

Other Plugins have Fewer Features Now

Plugins such as Rank Math and All In One SEO Pack have been affected by the WordPress 5.5 update. These plugins have lost out on some of their features, which has resulted in decreased functionality. Unfortunately, this has disrupted the user experience of many websites that relied on them.

I Explain the New Lazy Load Update Feature in WordPress 5.5

The Lazy Load feature in WordPress 5.5 aims to create a faster website experience for users. However, this feature has resulted in major issues, especially with various plugins. Lazy Load, which is meant to improve user experience, has caused major glitches, preventing users from accessing needed content.

I Also Explain the XML Sitemaps Feature in WordPress 5.5

XML Sitemaps, introduced in WordPress 5.5, is a feature that is meant to help search engines discover website content. However, this feature aims to offer an alternative to the Google Sitemap plugin, which was reliable and widely used. The new feature has resulted in confusion and inconvenience for many users, as they are now required to use the new feature, which is still in its infancy.

I Describe the Plugin and Theme Auto-Updates Feature in WordPress 5.5

The Plugin and Theme Auto-Updates feature is an essential component of WordPress 5.5. The feature facilitates automatic updates for the plugins and themes running on websites. However, this feature has also caused concern as it can cause compatibility issues for various plugins. Consequently, websites may face numerous complications and issues on updating and installing new plugins and themes.

There are New Features like Copy Buttons for Media

Copy Buttons for Media is a feature introduced in WordPress 5.5 that makes it easier for users to copy content such as text and images from media files. However, this feature has been causing glitches with various plugins, and many users are experiencing issues accessing media files after updating their websites.

I Show the Enhancements in Gutenberg Block Patterns and the New Preview Options

Gutenberg Block Patterns is a feature introduced in WordPress 5.5, which has significantly improved the editing experience on the platform. The feature makes it easier to design content using pre-made patterns and templates. However, this feature has also caused issues with numerous plugins as the pre-made patterns conflict with the existing plugins.


  1. Will the popular plugins that are now inactive, be reactivated in the future?
    It is unlikely that the plugins will be reactivated in the future, and users need to find alternative plugins to improve their website’s performance.

  2. Can users revert to the previous version of WordPress to avoid these complications?
    It is possible to reverse to a previous version of WordPress to avoid these issues, but it is not recommended as it can compromise site security.

  3. Is there a list of plugins that still function after the WordPress 5.5 update?
    There are many plugins that have survived the WordPress 5.5 update, and it is advisable to research and find an adequate plugin that fits the website’s requirement.

  4. Do I need to perform regular checks on the performance of my plugins after updating to WordPress 5.5?
    Yes, regular checks on plugin performance are essential to ensure the website operates optimally after updating to WordPress 5.5.

  5. Is there a way to adjust the Lazy Load feature to work optimally with my website?
    Yes, reviewing the various settings for the Lazy Load feature and possible adjustments can improve the Lazy Load function to work optimally on your website.


The WordPress 5.5 update released promising features that were meant to enhance user experience, but it resulted in significant difficulties and complaints of plugin compatibility and reliability. Users have to be careful when updating their websites and check plugin compatibility regularly for optimal performance.

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